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A selection of book covers from around the world featuring my artwork. Author surname N to Z.
Nejeri Nevidljive Niti by Dina Nejeri SerbiaNesbo Il Pettirosso by Jo Nesbo Italy LARGENesbo La Ragazza Senza Volto by Jo Nesbo ItalyNesbo La Stella Del Diavolo by Jo Nesbo ItalyNesbo Luomo Di Neve by Jo Nesbo ItalyNesbo Nemesi by Jo Nesbo Italy smallNesbo Rouge Gorge by Jo Nesbo FranceO Brien L isola Del Mondo by Michael D O Brien Italy LARGEO Connor Muse by Joseph OConnor FranceO Farrell Istruzioni Per Un'Ondata Di Caldo by Maggie O'Farrell ItalyOates Una Hermosa Doncella by Joyce Carol Oates SpainOates Una Tendra Donzella by Joyce Carol Oates SpainOhlin Always Forever by Nancy Ohlin USAOlafsdottir La Donna E Un Isola by Audur Ava Olafsdottir ItalyOlejniczak Jestem Blisko by Lucyna Olejniczak PolandOlsen Erwartung by Adler Olsen GermanyOrtlepp Running Against The Tide by Amanda Ortlepp AustraliaOverington No Place Like Home by Caroline Overington Australia LARGEPage Silent Night Sinful Night by Sharon Page USAPalwick Mending The Moon By Susan Palwick USA

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